Double Exposure

She studied his reactions carefully. He had a way of changing the dynamics of the entire team.

He was cool toward Storm for weeks and she couldn't help but think he knew, though the weather goddess seemed bewildered by her friend's sudden distance. He joined for her, after all. Logan wore a supremely self-satisfied expression.

He started flirting with her shamelessly. He played dirty in the Danger Room, slid innuendo into casual conversation over meals, in front of Bobby. She didn't really look at him when he bantered with her. She looked at Bobby and his indifference with a frightening intentness. Bobby couldn't touch her. They were mostly friends with a different kind of benefits, but--

Remy kissed her.

It overtook her slowly the way people changed around her. Some, like Kitty, followed Remy's lead, learned new ways to touch her, be around her, make her feel included. Others that had been so harsh now ignored her completely, perhaps to save themselves from him. Those devil eyes, burning fire on smoldering black, were not kind to those who treated her unkindly.

It was a novel feeling, novel idea. They were just friends.

But Remy kissed her.

She started flirting back.

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