Pedestal, chapter 21 - Whispers



Double Play

They didn't join in the game of truth or dare. He sat off to the side on the window seat playing solitaire. It wasn't long before she laughed off the group and settled on her stomach in front of him. She crossed her legs and kicked her bare feet in the air, her long skirt pooling at the back of her knees.

She fiddled with a skewed card.

"Y' don' wan' t' join dem?" he asked.

She shook her head. Her hair was down and he watched how it rippled like thick silk. He wanted to touch it, run his hands through it, but he didn't want her to leave.

So he flipped over another card.

"Secrets don't have to exist for me," she said suddenly. "When Ah was with Bobby, Ah wanted ta get insahde him, understand him, and be understood... Ah think Ah'd lahke ta not understand for once."

He considered that. He had never thought that maybe the reason she was so forgiving was because she always, always understood.

"Y' don't know de first t'ing about me, petite." He uncovered the last card.

She stared up at him, something nameless flashing in her emerald eyes. "Ah know."

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