"Everyone wants t' create de mos' powerful mutant in de world. Didn't y' ever wonder why?"

Slip, slap. Cards slide between deft fingers. Slip, slap. Fan out their faces, cut the deck, and shuffle again. Slip, slap. Pick a card, any card.

"Could've guessed 't ages ago, couldn' y'? An' y' didn't...What exactly y' so afraid of?"

Slip, slap. Those cards go sliding again. She holds her ears. "Stop it!" she hisses, but who is he to listen to her?

Fan out the cards, cut the deck, shuffle again. Slip, slap. Pick a card. Hold out their shiny backs. C'mon, chère, pick one.

Of course, she shouldn't listen to his snake charmer voice, gliding sinuously around her senses, teasing. Slip, slap. Shuffle the deck. Slip, slap. Cards sliding like his Cajun drawl crawling up her spine.

Pick a card, any card.

She shouldn't play this game. He's always gonna win. "Don't touch me, swamp snake."

"Ah, but where de fun in dat, p'tite?" Pick a card, any card. Slip, slap. Husky tones eating away inside her belly.

Shouldn't she know she'll never be able to resist?

"Took y' long enough, n'est pas? C'mere an' let dis one tell y' a story. Ain' like 'm goin' t' let y' forget."

    House of Mirrors

    FANDOM: X-Men (comics)

    STORY SUMMARY: The many threads of the multiverse are ripe for the plucking. Pick a card, any card. Once. Twice. Pick another. It's a House of Mirrors. Enjoy your stay.

    DISCLAIMERS: Marvel owns it all. I'm just twisting it around a bit.

    CANONICAL NOTES: AU, sort of. More like, visits to some other threads.

    LANGUAGE AND ACCENTS: Cajun French is courtesy of Heavenmetal (many thanks). I will attempt to reproduce accents in this story arc.

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: I never intended to start this, but a certain Cajun had other ideas. If this is frighteningly out of my norm, blame him.

    (UNBOUND) entries are in drafting phase and are likely to change radically before complete.



    1. Diable
    1.1 Devils And Angels
    1.2 Pain And Subterfuge
    3. Traiteur
    3.1 Althea Root
    4. Requital
    4.1 Mercy

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