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So Holography by Pat Foley is actually a much richer, longer, and more varied story arc than the four titles above might suggest, but these three novels and one novella are the heart of the story arc. It explores the Vulcan and human culture of Spock's family more deeply and realistically than canon, while staying very true to Star Trek: The Original Series. I highly recommend reading through all of Pat Foley's offerings. The total picture that emerges is vastly entertaining, heartrending, inspiring, and beautiful.
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1/23/2011 08:57:14 pm

I have just recently come across Pat Foley's stories of Sarek and Amanda (TOS) at fanfiction.net. and in this page. They are really outstanding and portrayed with uncanny realism the lives of these characters including Spock. I have been a Star Trek Original Series Fan (also of Star Trek Voyager) for sometime now. However Pat Foley's stories in particular the Holography Series 1-4 as mentioned in the page is either unfinished or not included in the collection at fanficrion.net. As mentioned in her bio these can be accessed in her homepage but if clicked on is shown as locked requiring appropriate identification (same as the links provided herein). I was hoping someone can assist me in being able to go to Pat Foley's homepage or webpage to read the completed Holo stories which are just wonderfully written. Thanks.

1/23/2011 11:18:43 pm

This is a recent development that I have bemoaned incredibly, but she has no easy contact information and I must simply hope we will eventually regain access. I read and read the same stories from my bookmark and then one day, it just quit working.

12/20/2011 08:47:30 am

The year 2011 is nearly over and her website is sadly still locked. I fear that many of her stories will never be completed.

12/20/2011 09:19:33 am

She is aware of the problem and has been moving stories over to fanfiction.net. I'm not sure when she'll do her next spree, but she got quite a few over there before she stopped posting again.

1/27/2012 02:39:53 pm

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