Where the Raven Flies

Taking out Gyrich is too easy. Raven's kind enough to leave him alive—if unconscious. SHIELD doesn't like it when her targets end up dead. She is just stepping out, adjusting his earpiece, when she's blasted by a raging inferno in her mind. Streams of information, memory, and thought roar through her skull.





She curses, but not aloud. She's one of few agents that refuses to outwardly respond under core dump.

I'm not pleased, Raven snaps, knowing full well Phoenix has yet to leave.

A moment's hesitance, a lull in the outpour, then a final summary and report. Sage thought I should hit you while asleep. Small mental smirk and an exit.

Raven curses again.


potential - can't actually find this bit


Irene frowned slightly, her blind eyes yet showing faint worry. "Raven, I do not think this is the right time for you to go," she said from the doorway.

Raven did not bother to glance up from her packing. "Your visions were quite clear, weren't they?" Her tone was sharp, allowing that only such a reason could deter her.

But Irene came forward and, stepping between Raven and her suitcase, sat down lightly on the bed beside it.

Raven stopped, leaned back, and slid both hands to her hips. "What is it?"

Irene did not do such things without a purpose. She did not get this thoughtful frown. No, she was always so calm and knowing.

"She's the key to everything, Destiny," Raven said, leaning forward, putting a hand to the other woman's shoulder. "No one else will rescue her.

"She is key, it's true," Irene allowed, "but I have seen things for you if you go. I am afraid you will not come back to me."

Raven frowned.


An anti-mutant crowd cheers at Senator Kelly as he gets out of his limousine and into a helicopter. Inside, he talks to someone about the vote on the Mutant Registration Act. The man sitting next to him, Agent Henry Gyrich suggests that he will speak in the UN summit, as the whole world will be watching. Kelly says that he is only worried about America, not the rest of the world, and that if it were up to him, he would lock all mutants away. He looks outside the window and sees the ocean. He gets confused and wonders there they are, as Gyrich morph to the true form of a blue-skinned woman – the shape-shifter, Mystique – another of Magneto's minions. Kelly is terrified, and for a good reason. Mystique easily defeats him and angrily tells him that people like him are the reason she was afraid to go to school as a child. She then kicks him until he is knocked out cold, and goes to sit next to the pilot – Toad. They fly to Magneto's base.


Sage, etc.


Report from Phoenix or Sage:

In Westchester, Jean is running tests on Logan. He apologizes for hurting her earlier. Later, Jean explains to Professor X, Cyclops and Storm her findings about Wolverine – a supposedly indestructible metal called adamantium is attached to his entire skeleton. Ororo asks how could he have survived a procedure like that, and Jean explains that his mutation is a healing factor, which also makes his age impossible to determine – he could very well be older than the professor. Xavier asks who did this to him, and she says that he does not know, nor does he remember anything that happened before it. Xavier explains that it must have been experimentation on mutants. Cyclops asks him what does he thinks Magneto wants with him, and Xavier says that he's not entirely sure that it's him Magneto wants.


In Magneto's base, Kelly is tied to a chair. Mystique, Sabretooth and Toad are standing in the dark room too, hardly moving. A bug flies by, and Toad immediately shoots out his long tongue to catch it, much to Kelly's disgust. Magneto enters and tells the senator that Toad has a wicked tongue, just like him. He asks them who they are and where Henry is, and Magneto answers that Mr. Gyrich has been dead for quite some time and Mystique has been impersonating him in the mean time. Kelly tells them that if they will hurt him, they will only prove him right, but Magneto does not seem to care. He tells Kelly that he is only afraid of him and his Brotherhood because he doesn't understand mutants, but he has no reason to fear him – not anymore. He steps into some sort of a big tall machine. Kelly asks him what is he going to do to him, and Magneto tells him that God works too slow. He then starts the machine, and it starts using his magnetic power, creating some sort of a field around him, which then grows bigger and spreads past Kelly and the Brotherhood members. Both Magneto and Kelly are obviously in pain from the process and scream. At once, the field grows small again until it goes out.


    FANDOM: X-Men: The Movie

    STORY SUMMARY: As the governments of the world developed their teams of powerful Alpha-level mutant supersoldiers, international espionage and law enforcement organization SHIELD recruited its own: Omega-level mutants. Omegas are so rare, even Charles Xavier isn't sure if they really exist. But they do. Their lives are about to become intertwined with the X-Men's.

    DISCLAIMERS: All characters and organizations (with the exception of small, mostly unnamed minor characters) throughout the series are the product of Marvel.

    CANONICAL NOTES: This story arc utilizes movieverse canon for events, beginning with X1 and following through the events of X2 and X3, but ignoring the events of Wolverine: Origins (XO). The story is, however, AU due to large changes to the ages and events in the lives of several characters. Story diverges from canon almost immediately and will be less and less like the movies the further it goes along. The story utilizes comicverse canon for characters and powers. SHIELD diverges from canon, but is largely drawn from comicverse. The Weapon X Program will be based on comicverse canon, as a department of the Canadian government.

    LANGUAGE AND ACCENTS: Cajun French is courtesy of Heavenmetal (many thanks). I will attempt to reproduce accents in this story arc.

    (UNBOUND) entries are in drafting phase and are likely to change radically before complete.



    1. Going Omega
    1.0 Prologue: The Huntress
    1.01 No Witnesses
    1.02 Phoenix Fires
    1.03 Where The Raven Flies
    2. Finding Omega
    2.01 Bearing Witness
    2.02 The Worst Rogue
    3. Burning Omega

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