The Worst Rogue

"The informer is the worst rogue..." ~ unknown

"What are ya doin' in here?"

"At de moment, enjoyin' de incredible view."

...kisses on stomach


"Raven sent de job over."

"Ya can look but ya can't touch, Witness."

"And yet y' let me touch y'."

"Only when Ah'm feelin' generous."

"What are y' so afraid o'?"

"Ah'm not afraid."

"Dat right?"

"Don't touch, Witness." ... "Ya ever think ya push too hard?"

"Maybe you do."

"Ah said, don't touch."

"Oui. Y' did." ... "Y' know, your hair never did absorb. Dis ain't touch, c'est vrai?"

"What makes ya so confident that Ah want ya?"

"What makes y' so confident that y' don't?"

"Don't touch, Witness." ... "What's the job from Raven?"

"What do y' t'ink?"

"Ah'll do it."

"You're sellin' your soul, chère."

"Is that raght?"

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    FANDOM: X-Men: The Movie

    STORY SUMMARY: As the governments of the world developed their teams of powerful Alpha-level mutant supersoldiers, international espionage and law enforcement organization SHIELD recruited its own: Omega-level mutants. Omegas are so rare, even Charles Xavier isn't sure if they really exist. But they do. Their lives are about to become intertwined with the X-Men's.

    DISCLAIMERS: All characters and organizations (with the exception of small, mostly unnamed minor characters) throughout the series are the product of Marvel.

    CANONICAL NOTES: This story arc utilizes movieverse canon for events, beginning with X1 and following through the events of X2 and X3, but ignoring the events of Wolverine: Origins (XO). The story is, however, AU due to large changes to the ages and events in the lives of several characters. Story diverges from canon almost immediately and will be less and less like the movies the further it goes along. The story utilizes comicverse canon for characters and powers. SHIELD diverges from canon, but is largely drawn from comicverse. The Weapon X Program will be based on comicverse canon, as a department of the Canadian government.

    LANGUAGE AND ACCENTS: Cajun French is courtesy of Heavenmetal (many thanks). I will attempt to reproduce accents in this story arc.

    (UNBOUND) entries are in drafting phase and are likely to change radically before complete.



    1. Going Omega
    1.0 Prologue: The Huntress
    1.01 No Witnesses
    1.02 Phoenix Fires
    1.03 Where The Raven Flies
    2. Finding Omega
    2.01 Bearing Witness
    2.02 The Worst Rogue
    3. Burning Omega

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