A name.

It's a funny thing, the ahdea that a name is special or important, that it mattahs. It doesn't. Not to me anyway.

When Remy asks me mah name and Ah don't tell him, he thinks it means somethin', that somehow Ah'm holdin' out on him, expectin' more than Ah'm willin' ta give. Whah can't he realahze that Ah don't have a name? That one tahme Ah almost told him and he stopped me, it wasn't about bein' too close or too intimate or even offerin' mah heart. What kahnd of a heart does a girl lahke me got ta offah?

Ah thought it maght be the last tahme Ah could actually remember it. Ah turned it ovah and ovah in mah head so Ah could tell someone and then he said it didn't mattah. And it doesn't.

'Cept Ah don't remember it anymore.

Ah keep trahin' ta tell that boy he should just walk away from me. He doesn't understand whah Ah pull him close then push him back. He doesn't realahze that Ah don't actually know which psyche in mah head is me and which ones aren't—'ceptin' the boys. Ah'm not an idiot. Because he doesn't understand, he never knows who he's really dealin' with. Not sure Ah do either.

That's the trouble with all of 'em, really. They think Ah'm not trahin' hard enough to gain control. They think Ah'm afraid.

What they don't know is Rogue is all of us in here. And that's the problem. Ah think the only one that can gain control is the one that has mah name.

And Ah don't have one.

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