Pain Has Scarred Him for His Sin

- Do -
It is John's first real food in days and he devours it readily.

"Y're name, homme."

John stops and stares at Remy. For once, he's at a loss. "She called me John," he finally says.

Remy nods slightly. Shiro gives a dark-eyed look full of understanding.

"Y' got a handle?"

"Pyro." John grimaces. "Not sure—"

"Pick later," Shiro says, the straight shiny dark hair of his Japanese heritage falling into his eyes and obscuring the darkness further. "When it doesn't hurt.”

"Dishes won't wash demselves," Remy says abruptly, pushing away from the table.

John scrapes off the last food onto his fork and eats it, then follows Remy into the kitchen. "I'll help."

"Bien," the devil-eyed mutant responds. "Y're s'posed to."