Story Summary: Only forty mutants avoided the mandatory Cure. Only ten were powerful enough to overcome its effects. They have lived in hiding...until now.

Canonical Notes: Set seven years after the events of X3. Ember will include a large cast pulled from movieverse first, but also from comic book canon. I will do my best to do justice to the characters with the aid of research (since I don't actually read the comics).

Acknowledgements: Thank you to ChamberlinofMusic and to PlonkerOnDaLoose who inspired me to write another Kyro. Um...Since it is so long, however, be forewarned: you're in for a hefty dose of Rogue/Remy, Kitty/John, Logan/Storm, Logan/Maya, Jean-Luc/Storm, and other pairings as well. Please do visit Save the Kyro, our forum and community for Kyro fics, and kyroaddictsanonymous, where PlonkerOnDaLoose, coup fatal, wingedraksha, illrain666, and aiRo25 are all writing a round robin fic together.