I want t' try somet'in'.

She jerks away. "Ah'm absorbin' people again!"

"Trust me."

She quiets under his warm gaze and wonders at what stirs within her.


Potent heat unfurls beneath her skin like a butterfly sliding out of the cocoon. She can feel its wings beating, harder, faster...

His  hand never leaves her skin, gliding over the inside of her arm, smoothing upward to her shoulder.

She is touching him, but she cannot feel him. ...telepathy rushes out against him, but nothing there...

His rough hand caresses the sensitive skin just beneath her hair on the back of her neck. Without even thinking, she leans into the touch. His fingers tangle in her hair.

"Y're aroused," he says softly, faint wonder threading through it. His voice is low and husky.

The sound of it makes her mouth go dry. Her body burns and the wings are beating. His hand is on her skin. His breath is on her mouth. His dark gaze draws her toward him.


The taste is like fire against the back of her throat. She feels drunk with the heady spice and musk and rough tobacco underneath. His hand tightens in her hair, the other gripping her shoulder painfully. She tries to take it in through her senses, but his tongue is in her open mouth and she can't get past the heat, the burning, melting stirring. He tastes like his voice, rough and sultry, smooth, seductive, hot...

Butterfly wings crash in her body. ...keen moan, his responding groan settles a throbbing ache at her core.

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