The Gambit's Seduction

teaches her the art of seduction. intense gaze, expressionless face

"Got your attention, don't I?"


flicks his gaze from here to there on her body. "Only look when you don't have an audience."

The Gambit's Touch

Rogue and Warren

"I have truly and completely lost it." She's had sex three times in as many days when she's only ever had it before twice in her life.


"How come we never talk without having sex?"

"You call that talk?" He shakes his head at her. "Next time you get in a tussle with a man, chère, you best be prepared for the consequences."

["That was the agreement, non?" He flicks his gaze over her curves. "You asked for touch, not talk."



Go up on the roof.


The Gambit's ___

"You ever do this with anyone else?"


He watches her in bar from the counter as she seduces their target for the answers, and he ends up giving up on them getting the information and taking the guy out. She is angry at him, but in his anger, he tells her he doesn't like seeing her doing that when she's his. She's shocked.

The Gambit's Depth


fear in her eyes and he pushes away from her, remembering Bella "Non!"

"I put everything out there for you. Everything. And you won't even give me that."

"I want you, not your body."

"I don't understand. I don't know how to give you what you want."

"Then let me teach you. You asked me to teach you how to seduce, non? Let me teach how to be seduced."


"For a lover to know what you like, you have to respond." He ought to be flinching at the word--lover--at using it with her, but he can't. He doesn't.


He's in too deep.

The Gambit's ___

"Why didn't you come?"

She stares down at him, stunned, still catching her breath. She reaches out to touch him, but he gently curls his fingers around hers and turns her hand aside.

"Why, chère? I don't understand you?"

She starts to tremble inside and it's a battle to hold herself still. She lowers her gaze, fighting desperately to know what to say. He won't let her hide though. He pushes back the thickness of her hair, cups her chin to keep it high enough that she has to meet his steady gaze.

"Gambit, I-"

"It's Remy."

And she stares at him, motionless.

The Gambit's All

"When the Cure fails, this is all over."


"Those weren't the terms I agreed to."

"You never said anything about the Cure in those terms. If I want you, you want to feel it. If I'm angry, you want to feel that too. Remember, chèrie? Those were the terms. Nothing about the Cure." He grips her wrists hard, even knowing they might bruise, and presses close against her, one knee wedged between her legs.

"You said you wanted me out from under your skin! Not to get under mine."

"You said I could have all of you, and you give me only tastes and pieces. I've been keeping up my end of the deal, non?"

"I haven't had your mutation yet, have I?"

"You can't, Gambit! My mutation's my skin. I could kill you!"

"I flirt with death as often as I flirt with women."


Her eyes flash as she pushes into him... He feels alive. This is real.


She straddles him, her hips pressing down painfully and ___, and leaned in close. "You want this, Remy?" she hisses. ... "You'll get it all. I don't promise you'll like it."

He bucks up against her and feels with satisfaction her body arching into his and watches as her head flings back, exposing her naked neck and tossing her hair rippling down her back. He smirks and says with a cocky assurance he hasn't had in far too long, "Oh, I will."

- xx -

At what moment, she wonders, did it stop being about touch and skin, truth and desire? She tries to define it as her nails scour down his back, and the fire sweeps across her in waves of perfect pleasure. When did it become about her and...

"Remy," she whispers against him, riding the rising tide of her climax.

For the first time in all their times together, he falters in the rhythm and stares at her. He catches her head with his hands and kisses her, deeply, swallowing the sound of her cry. "Rogue." His voice is muffled against her lips. He kisses her again.

When did it stop being a gambit?

The Gambit's Skin

They meld into each other.

The Gambit's Memory

"You do realize I'm draining you?"

"Maybe I'm draining you."

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