Rogue woke in the slight moonlight streaming in through the blinds to land on the bed she and Bobby were sharing. Her heart slammed in her chest. Her skin was sweaty. The covers twisted between them both and he had clearly woken with her as he stared at her, propped up on one elbow.

"Have you tried sleeping pills?" Bobby asked.

She turned toward him, resisting the urge to snarl in his face. Pity, most of the psyches in her head weren't nice. She wasn't even sure which one was rolling under her flesh, threatening to break loose.

"Bobby, I can't stop it." The beginnings of a frown trembled around her mouth. "Anymore than the touch."

He sighed long and loudly and fell back onto his back.

The frown won out and for a moment, only Rogue inhabited her body. Not someone sweet and quiet like Cody. Not someone brusque and withdrawn like Logan. Not someone tactful, if menacing, like Magneto.

"What's it matter to you?" she demanded. "Seems to me, it only matters if it bothers you."

"That's not true," he protested, but she cut him off.

"It is true. It doesn't matter to you if I can't touch or if I have bad dreams as long as you have your perfect girl or can sleep through the night." She narrowed her eyes in a dangerous glare when he refused to meet her eyes. "It doesn't matter to you that I'm fighting just to stay me."

"That's not true," he said again.

She didn't believe him.