Chapter Fifteen: Le Tissage d'une Toile

"A Weaving Web"

- Should I be on your side or his? -
- Th' prudent answer would be mine, of course! But th' truth is, when I'm involved, who can ever really tell? -

Nightcrawler and Gambit, Annual Gambit 2000

Vagabond - on the road with Logan
Undesirable - starts to have real problems with herself
Expatriate - powers comes back, separates from Logan
Savage - Logan retrieves her
Destroy -
Cleanse - cleanses her own mind of another's psychic influence
Embrace - accepts her powers and their usage "touch telepath?"
Chaotic - x-men get involved w/deal, reacts unpredictably
Rebel - rebels against the rules x-men use
Deceive - successfully surprises the x-men
Renegade - chooses to continue w/Logan instead of returning
Outcast -
Scamp - plays a prank on Logan
Beyond - on the road with Logan
Chapter Sixteen: Double-Sens

"Double Entendre"

- Ya certainly know how ta get under a girl's skin. -
- I'm trying. -

Rogue and Gambit, X-Men #8

Chapter Fourteen: La Ronde des Sages

"The Dance of the Wise"

- By taking down the leader of an X-Men "Clan"--I will be rewarded with the proper respect due me! -
- Oh, c'mon, next you gon' bully me for my lunch money! -

Rax and Gambit, Gambit #22


Chapter Thirteen: Des Pouvoirs Aussi Sombres que les Ténèbres

"Powers Like Darkness"

- This would be the part where the nun smacked your hands wit' a ruler for bein' a bad boy. -
- Or did that only happen to me? -

Gambit, Gambit #4


Chapter Twelve: Les Immortels

"The Immortals"

- Ah, a man who quotes the classics is a man after my own heart. -
- You've read the classics? -
- Nope, just like to hear 'em quoted. -
- LeBeau, you are perhaps the strangest man I have ever met. -

Gambit and Bishop, Gambit & Bishop LS 2


Chapter Eleven: Les Flammes des Ténèbres

"The Darkening Flames"

- Looks to me like Rogue's up to no good...but hey, I like that in a girl. -

Gambit to Rogue, X-Men Evolution, "Dark Horizons, Part I"


Chapter Ten: Le Code des Voleurs

"The Way of Thieves"

- Boosted? -
- You stoled those radios? -
- Gimme a break. I'm getting lectured on taking things that aren't mine by a pick pocket and a member of the Thieve's Guild? -

Storm, Gambit, and Marrow, X-Men Unlimited #32


Chapter Nine: Anges de Lumière et de l'Obscurité

"Angels of Light and Darkness"

- What yer doin' is suicide! Cajun, you're the closest -- help 'im! -
- Non, that would really be suicide. 'Bout time everyone on this team started trustin' that everyone else on this team knows what they're doin'! -

Wolverine and Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #367


Chapter Eight: Le Repaire du Diable

"The Devil's Lair"

- You must like playing with cards. -
- I like Solitaire ok... that is, unless I got someone to play with. -

Female Cashier and Gambit, X-Men (TV), 1992