- 14 -

adj. operating outside normal or desirable controls.

Logan shook his head at her from the other side of his motorcycle.

Rogue slid both hands to her hips. "What?" she demanded.

"That's it, huh?" he said. "After everything you've been through, all the mess you dragged me through, your conclusion is that you're just a rogue, huh?"

The little southern belle made quite a picture, glaring at him from beneath those twin white streaks. "And what other conclusion was I supposed to come to?" she drawled thickly.

Logan laughed and slapped his knee. "Get on the bike, girl." He settled into his seat.

Rogue looked like she was debating for a moment, but she clambered on the bike behind him, tucking her arms around his waist. "Where to, sugar?"

Sugar. The word suited her, even if it wasn't one she used outside of her southern act. Funny thing was, he was beginning to wonder if it wasn't an act.

He let her off with a shrug.


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