Story Summary: What if Remy LeBeau turned to Xavier's School for the Gifted instead of Sinister?

Canonical Notes: Set some time after X1.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to all of you who inspire and prod me. Shout out to ChamberlinofMusic, my own personal sounding board, who was of unwitting assistance in the development of this novel. Special thanks to Valerie J who got me hooked on the Guilds and exploring other sides to Remy. For the best comicverse stuff available on him, please consult her Thick as Thieves, Blind Sight (in-progress), Betrayal, Paradox Law, and The Game of Empires (in-progress). Further inspiration regarding Remy comes from Silver Nitte Iz and her fabulous piece, It Takes Two to Practice. And last, but not least, Flitz rings in with Distraught, a compelling fictional journey. I promise, I didn't plagiarize, but I did borrow some inspiration.

Author's Note: All right, y'all! My first attempt at actually producing the Cajun accent. It just felt right for this piece, which is Remycentric, but not without its Rogue moments (trust me there!). This is a what if story, placed after the end of X1 and ignoring all other movieverse sources but that.

Please read and review! Those tiny little snippets of words (and some not so tiny) mean all the world to a struggling author like me who can't shut up the plot bunnies even though she's already got WAY too many fics going. This is going to be a chaptered fic. I know. That makes five (six). Deal. Updates will be a bit further apart now, but it's a natural consequence. Don't worry though. I'm halfway through the next chapters of both Fight and Shadow and Without a Trace. I promise that updates will still come at MOST two weeks apart. (EDIT: Yeah, right. All updates are slow right now. :sighs: )

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