Overhear the plans for getting the Jewel, he talks ice and shadow into going themselves and steals the jet

Breaking in to get the Jewel, picking up a uniform, through the ducts, laser array, into the elevator, ice leads shadow, around the corner, he silences them, works way into room, mind girls come in, know room is compromised, blonde goes to warn boss, glasses stays to fight, he warns shadow not to come out for any reason and to use the mental blocks he's taught her, tells ice to stay in and not come out for any reason, sends her for the jewel, comes out and fights with glasses, wins, shadow finds the jewel to her shock, a girl, grabs, the shadows get stronger, wishes she had some help, no one to tell her what to do, she phases out and catches him and ice and they're going through the building falling, alarms everywhere, she hands the girl to him, he feels what is happening and tells ice to take her, in ice and can't get out, as they're running away, he removes the blindfold and fights hard, things blow up all around as they run to the jet, shadow gets it going and he has to leap on at the last second and close his eyes, he gets tossed around and ice is trying to get him the blindfold, finally managing to get it on, whispered hoarse merci, he shoves shadow out of the driver's seat with all the tossing and missiles nearly hitting them and successfully flies them until they've cleared the cover (by destroying most of it) and then returns control to shadow, rubs the top of girl's head and sits down for journey home

Visit with his girl and touches her, wishes to see her, she is afraid of him, he handles it quietly and well, taking just one last kiss, comes into his room, rough and angry, his new friend are you okay, non, holds her fiercely roughly, harsh ragged breath, finally orders her to leave when he wants to forget and knowing what he's inclined to do

Taken to medlab for an evaluation of gift
brain highly active

Training session first one
still blindfolded
noticed by the others
kinesthetic sense
blindfold comes loose

Back to the medlab
recap of session

With Bella
afraid of him, for him
would have to train another assassin
touches her face, tears
wishes he could see her
one last kiss to remember

Extra training
broke into the room
running high level program
bo staff and cards
Logan and Jean stop him
working off da charge
Logan doesn't trust him

This is going to be a huge Author's Note. I know. But with all these little questions about mutation, I thought I'd give you a taste of the comicverse. I won't bother with sources, just verified details. Okay?

Remy's powers without the brain stem include:

CHARM - Hypnotic charm allows him to exert subtle influence over sentient minds, compelling them to believe what he says and agree with his suggestions. It has been stated that the charm is NOT empathy, however IS a low level hypnotic telepathy that works with eye contact. He does not have complete control over it (he thought it worked once when it didn't). He does not use it many times when it would be convenient to. [MY THEORIES include that part, but only part, of the control is tied in with the part of his brain that was removed. Especially since he HAD that part back when he charmed his way around Bogan while supposedly depowered. I also think certain parts of his powers interfere with other parts, but it's hard to say exactly, since he stated bluntly that he avoided certain parts of his powers that New Sun did not.]

CHARGE - Remy's body actually creates what is called biokinetic charge. (This is not a real word.) When he touches any inorganic material, he can transfer the charge into the object, thus making it highly volatile and explosive generally upon impact. The objects that he charges explode with a force somewhat proportional to the size of the object. Gambit has the ability to charge living as well as non living matter. The charge also energizes him, granting him extra strength, stamina, and agility.

SENSES - The whole kinesthetic sense thing may just be fanfiction legend, but it only makes sense with what we've seen. And the fact that he can unleash potential energy with sight alone when fully powered, leaves me to believe he can sense what energy is in there.

MENTAL SHIELDS - He is known to have a mind invisible and/or shielded to telepaths. His mental walls are generally impenetrable. This may be due to something tied into the charm (he might even be telepathic himself) or it might be because the charge's energy field operates this way. [MY THEORIES include both. I think the charge would create impenetrable shields, but I don't think they'd make him invisible. I think you've all seen already how I think that would sound. I've decided in this story at least, that his mental walls are tied to both the charm and the charge.]

PRECOGNITION - (Manifested only when he was blind or as the Witness), he can remember all potential futures.

FULLY POWERED - The ability to charge anything in his line of sight by thought, manipulate the potency of the bio-kinetic energy to cause various effects such as burning, molecular discomfort, or incineration, and utilize the advanced levels of bio-energy active when he uses his powers to augment his strength, agility, endurance, and reflexes, for short periods, or to stimulate his cellular activity to heal himself. The ability to merge into the timestream by transforming into his living energy form.

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