Pedestal, chapter 28 (UNBOUND) - Whispers



Double or Nothing

She rode out with Logan in the morning, hollering with pleasure from the back of his motorcycle. Three days later, Remy offered her help on her own. For the first time since she'd met him and they'd been working bikes together, she turned him down cold.

Red eyes narrowed and grew darker. 

She double-booked Danger Room sessions with Logan and started skipping her scheduled spars with her partner. Couldn't even say what it was frightening her so badly, except that look in his eyes when he laughed and the way her gut knotted every time he came so close and the way she watched his mouth and his grace and how his muscles rippled when he moved, and she wanted to be so close

"Ya just got a death wish, swamp rat?" She flinched out from under his arm. 

His jaw tightened. "What is wrong wit' y'?" 

She hugged herself, needing comfort, and turned away. "Ah told ya. Gettin' close ta me is death." 

Perhaps the long silence made her feel he'd finally gotten it, he'd back off. But when he spoke again, he was so close, she could feel his breath warming her temple. 

"Non, chère. Touchin' y' is."

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