Story Summary: The first thread in a House of Mirrors. Le Diable Blanc and the Angel of Death. What binds them together is more than meets the eye.

Canonical Notes: Set in an alternate thread of the multiverse.

Acknowledgements: Dedicated to Lucia de Medici, who I blame for turning my ears to this seductive Cajun devil.
8/10/2010 12:41:07 pm

'Kin right. I got me a dedication! :P

Thanks. (Gonna go and read it now. Heh. Premature? Yes, I know.)

8/11/2010 12:44:12 am

Well, I hope you like it. :crosses fingers: I've only got the first chapter finished.


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    House of Mirrors

    FANDOM: X-Men (comics)

    STORY SUMMARY: The many threads of the multiverse are ripe for the plucking. Pick a card, any card. Once. Twice. Pick another. It's a House of Mirrors. Enjoy your stay.

    DISCLAIMERS: Marvel owns it all. I'm just twisting it around a bit.

    CANONICAL NOTES: AU, sort of. More like, visits to some other threads.

    LANGUAGE AND ACCENTS: Cajun French is courtesy of Heavenmetal (many thanks). I will attempt to reproduce accents in this story arc.

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: I never intended to start this, but a certain Cajun had other ideas. If this is frighteningly out of my norm, blame him.

    (UNBOUND) entries are in drafting phase and are likely to change radically before complete.



    1. Diable
    1.1 Devils And Angels
    1.2 Pain And Subterfuge
    3. Traiteur
    3.1 Althea Root
    4. Requital
    4.1 Mercy

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