: : Back in the Day: The Legend of Logan's Kin : :

X-Men: Evolution, Western style. I love this story. It is amazing. I'm loving the way the characterization is appropriately gradual in growth, development, revealing all the cards behind the scenes. And I can't tell you how glad I am that Ariesque writes Remy as a charming philanderer but not a cheesy, smarmy pervert—as that is how his character is portrayed in Marvel. As well as the guy does dirty, he also has class. :sighs: Ariesque manages to weave together beautiful subplots of Wanda and Pyro, Kitty and Piotr, and Logan and all his painful past, while never taking the focus completely off of Remy and Rogue and their journey together.

Note: I'm now the beta for this fic. :in heaven:
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: : House of Cards : : The Other Side of Masks : :

Ludi is an amazing writer, period, but House of Cards is her masterpiece and the related "Thread" is a welcome additional touch. Her take on X-Men's Gambit and Rogue in the "Days of Future Past" is mesmerizing, dangerous, and inspiring in a dark world and an impossible hope for the future. Well worth the read.
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: : More Dimly in Hell : : Every Desperate Retreat : : All She Knows of Heaven : : The Sea is Her Downfall : :

While I recommend all of Animus Wyrmis's one-shots, this particular series is such an intense journey through Lucy, Peter, and Susan Pevensie. It takes no easy answers, but feels like an honest portrayal, besides being just beautiful.
: : It Takes Two, to Practice : : Eyes and Ears : : It Takes Two, to Tango : : And Three to Mess Around : :

The It Takes Two universe is some powerful X-Men: Evolution reading. It delves deep into Rogue and Gambit's psyche and the nature of intimacy and mutation. With a delightful ancillary cast and two intriguing leads, these stories are engrossing and I read them over and over again. The tense jumps around quite a bit, but that has yet to stop me from thorough enjoyment.
: : Unknown : :
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The Offer : :

Powerful, feature-length Roswell fanfiction is hard to come by, and the quality only decreased after the series ended. So imagine my surprise and delight to run across these two unrelated gems by the same amazing author. The stories explore the nature of the humanity and the alien side of not only the Pod Squad, but also Kyle, Liz, and Maria. Original characters and situations are so well-drawn that they mesmerize rather than rebuff those that prefer canon only. I consider both of these worthy extensions of the series canon. Highly recommended.
: : The Catalyst : : The Starling's Lament : : As a Reminder, and a Promise : : Home is Where the Heart Is : :

So Holography by Pat Foley is actually a much richer, longer, and more varied story arc than the four titles above might suggest, but these three novels and one novella are the heart of the story arc. It explores the Vulcan and human culture of Spock's family more deeply and realistically than canon, while staying very true to Star Trek: The Original Series. I highly recommend reading through all of Pat Foley's offerings. The total picture that emerges is vastly entertaining, heartrending, inspiring, and beautiful.
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 : The Boy Who Destroyed the World : : Make This Last : :

When it comes to X-Men: The Movie, powerful, epic-length fanfiction doesn't get much better than this series by AssassinElektra. It features a character exploration of Katherine Pryde and St. John Allerdyce that sucks you in and leaves you breathlessly longing for the next update. The story is very true to the movieverse and builds on all the main characters believably to weave its web.
: : Betrayal : : Paradox Law : : The Game of Empires : :
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Thick as Thieves : : Blind Sight : :

The strongest, best X-Men fics I have read are Valerie J's Betrayal story arc and her Thick as Thieves story arc. In both, the writing is superb, the characterization is excellent, and the knowledge and reworking of canon is above par. Remy LeBeau (Gambit) plays a starring role in both series. For those who love reading and writing this character, her works should be required reading.