Fandom: X-Men

Story Summary: She was the daughter of crime-fighting legend: Raven Darkholme. He was the son of crimelord of the Thieves Guild: Jean-Luc LeBeau. If you can't take the heat, get out of the city.

Canonical Notes: AU

Acknowledgements: Dedicated to LithiumAddict or LithiumLaughter (depends on where ya met her). Happy Birthday!

Author's Note: I am well aware that there are folks clamoring for the next chaper of this fic or that fic and that I have a handful of chapters, etc. that would take little work to get in order and posted. However, this is a much belated birthday present and very much due. I have never read nor written much in the way of noir. This is my first and likely only attempt upon the genre. I hope you enjoy.

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