Little things. She tries not to notice.

Sudden confusion, hand stopped on the sugar spoon.

How do I take my coffee?

Painstakingly untwisting the sheets from her legs in the morning.

She opens her mouth to get Hank's attention, then blinking silence at a half dozen habits for calling him.

Hesitations. A moment to get her own voice straight in her head before she dares to speak. Nobody else seems to notice.

Why should she?
Kitty still calls Rogue, Jubilee, Storm—if no one else. Her absence is keenly felt at the mansion, but she hears the wistful tone in her friend's voice when she tells her John is back in her life, has turned over a new leaf.

"Do whatever works for ya, sugah." Rogue shrugs, never one to judge.

"I should be there, helping," Kitty protests. She only says what everyone is thinking.

Rogue shakes her head and states firmly, "Ya should be happy."

Rogue in Danger Room with Logan, rough training, blood

Gambit arrives

Rogue was the one who answered the door.

Gambit goes to see Storm

Rogue working out in Danger Room with Wolverine. Gets hurt really bad. Healing factor starts to kick in, frightens, burns, hurt worse than anything she's ever felt. She screams. has to be taken to Hank

debriefing with Hank, Cure failing

War Room debriefing on what Gambit brought

Gambit offers Rogue condolences (sort of anyway)

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