Chapter Seven: Le Rassemblement des Limiers

"The Gathering of Bloodhounds"

- Yeah, this used to be called the Danger Room. -
- But it never really felt dat dangerous. -
- Until today. -

Gambit, Foxx in the Attic Part One


Chapter Six: Une Nuit de Répit

"A Night's Repose"

- This is getting to be a habit. I've lost track, Chère, who rescues whom next? -

Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #266


Chapter Five: Une Cible Facile

"An Easy Target"

- I mean, if de entire world didn't fear and hate us and want all mutants dead—we'd be having the time of our lives. -
- But they do. And we aren't. -
- Details. -

Gambit and Bishop, Uncanny X-Men #334


Chapter Four: Les Terrains de Chasse

"The Hunting Grounds"

- Any one of us would have laid down our hides for you. 'Cause then, you was at least a bum with honor. -
- Yeah, well—dat was just a rumor I started. -

Grovel and Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #347


Chapter Three: Les Règles du Jeu

"The Rules of the Game"

- Ya know even the slightest physical contacts means Ah'd absorb ya mind and powers! -
- Worse fates spring t'mind, chère. -

Rogue and Gambit, X-Men #8


Chapter Two: Une Belle Femme Dangeureuse

"A Beautiful, Dangerous Woman"

- Feel better, p'tite? -
- Not while you're still alive. -
Good news den 'cause it don't look like I'm going to be dat way for much longer. -

Gambit and Blink, Astonishing X-Men, "Age of Apocalypse"



- 14 -

adj. operating outside normal or desirable controls.



- 13 -

n. a playfully mischievous person, scamp.


- 12 -

adj. no longer obedient, belonging, or accepted and hence not controllable or answerable.


- 11 -

adj. deviating, renegade (deserting a party or cause for another).